signed, miranda.

by nose in book

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released May 4, 2017



all rights reserved


nose in book New York

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Track Name: the mess
its amusing to me that my muse
is slowly sinking
catastrophe striking
now he's drinking again
but its not fair
from the tips of her boots
to her unkempt hair
shes a wreck
but i love her for it

so go do yr thing for a while
go fancy up ur face with a smile
u need it
u deserve it
sorry i wasnt worth it
but you were

suicide pacts and shots in the dark
aimed right at me
oh what a loss
my sight
for who?
look up
its you
the mess
Track Name: whirlwind
so here we go
waves pulling me undertow
its not love
but we can fake it
for now
i lost my glow
at a beach
trying to lay low
she whispered dont you know
people have different faces

the time we spent together will be worse than the time apart
because we'll be happier as friends
then me trying to be a part
of your canvas
of your brushstrokes
your nicotine infused heart
i cant touch anything in the exhibits
but i can stand back and admire the art

lost again
in my whirlwind of hatred
in your whirlwind of sin
my dear friend
what has become of us
lets make amends
shake hands
spit on it
its our only defense
against the four letter word
that i used to play pretend
Track Name: blunt coma
blackened bile as I sit here on the floor
another bottle adds to the mythos and lore
one more hand slap away
another tale to grow old set in present day
growing older isn't what it used to be
instead of cherishing my youth i'm cherishing my misery
watching the minute hand go slow

slower and slower every day
my blues have chased my cares away
but who really cares anyway
it could be you but i know its not you

colder and colder every year
the tracks of your tears just disappear and fade away
left to another day
you say manic depressive episodes dont happen for any reason they just happen and they change with the season
will you stil love me in august?
Track Name: distance
yesterday was bad
just thinking upon
times we had and could have had
and what fucked me up was the not-knowingness of it all
so u can stall
u can move away to a new town
u can fall
tumble down hills and break your crown
of thorns
its warm where you're going
but the ice in your voice stays the same
its just a kiss an embrace
no its a game
its fucked and violent and straining
so ill pull my hair out waiting
for you to come back
and now im going bald
crying and overstating
what i feel
and its dirty and bare
i wish you cared
or at least were there
for me
because you know im here for you
randa come to your senses
the problem wasnt substances
it was truth